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3.5 usd

Music & video playback is a media player application.The regular version also provides access to the following features compared to the trial version.
○preview settings menu will be enabled.Feature to be added· ON / OFF of the album art of animation• Specify the transmittance of the album art
○Setting the Visualizer menu will be enabled.Feature to be added• Set the frequency rate of 1 spectrum per bar
○Configuring the Message menu will be enabled.
○in the trial version, but you can not play more than three minutes, that restriction no longer
○While the app is being displayed, the screen will not be sleep.
○I have a button that corresponds to the media. Equipment and operation check: Sony SmartWatch MN2 (please install the EMPlayerExtras.)
○I'm capable of playing media from a file manager such as.
○Supports to customize the background color The setting screen is displayed when you tap the background of the main screen.
※ Before you purchase, it is recommended to check the operation of this trial version the full version.